Sorry Ladies, this isn’t your typical leopard print.

Posted on March 4, 2011



Mors Footwear has recently released these atypical print shoes combining the animal prints of both a wolf and a fish. And yes, it does look flippin’ ghastly. Ghastly enough to intrigue my hipster virtues. Mind you, I am not a hipster of any sort as I enjoy the tunes of commercial artists such as LMFAO and Taylor Swift. And I am not a fan of PBR. Cue gasps.

I do know, however, that if I purchase these shoes I would probably be the only one wearing them in my city(unless I go to the Haight, and then I would probably see 20 more like-minded individualists sporting these hybrids). Nonetheless, Mors impresses me with their uncommonly creative take on animal prints.

Bravo Mors, next time make me a coat, and I’ll rival Garance’s wardrobe.



Spotty Skinned Shoes – The Mors Footwear Wolf-Fish Run Sneakers Put a Twist on Animal Prints.

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